Here Are Tips On What To Recycle
And How To Prepare It In Douglas County, Oregon

What do you want to recycle?
Simply select your material and click GO!

Click the link below for a printable chart for your reference


The following items are accepted at all transfer stations:  Please check the chart above for what is collected curbside in your neighborhood.


Bottles and Jars Only

No Windows or Pyrex
No Light Bulbs
Separate by Color
Recycle Lids Separately

Tin and Aluminum

Tin Cans
Aluminum Cans
Clean Foil
Pie Tins

Please rinse and recycle labels with mixed paper

Mixed Paper

Colored Paper
White Paper
Pop/Beer Boxes
Junk Mail
Telephone Books
Cereal Boxes
Sticky Notes

No pet food bags

Corrugated Cardboard

No waxed
Must be clean and flattened


Newspaper and everything that came in it
Newsprint Coupon Books etc...


Include: Bottles
ANY CLEAN PLASTIC labeled #1 or #2!

Please Rinse and Flatten
No Motor Oil or Food Contamination
No Styrofoam

Recycle Plastic Bags Separately

No longer accepted as of January 1, 2014

Plastic Bags and Film

The plastic bags are no longer accepted as of January 1, 2014 in this program.

NO:   plastic grocery bags, plastic produce bags, ice bags
dry cleaner bags, clean garbage bags (any color), shrink wrap, lumber wrap (found on large bundles of lumber)

NO: hard or rigid plastic of any kind, tarp material, bubble wrap or Styrofoam packaging

Wood Waste

Lumber, plywood, end cuts, particle board, cabinets, dressers, bookshelves, dowels, pallets, fencing, crates, branches.
Remove bolts, hinges, wire, concrete and plastic, please. (They damage our tub grinder!)

Accepted at all transfer stations

Yard Waste

Grass, yard clippings and leaves.
Or, try composting!

Accepted at the Roseburg transfer station only

Used Motor Oil

Accepted at all transfer stations and recycling depots.  Also accepted in Roseburg Disposal and Sutherlin Sanitary curbside recycling programs.

Collect in non breakable containers with tight lids. Empty used oil into marked tanks.

Reuse containers or dispose of in trash bins.  Why?  We cannot recycle oil-contaminated containers.

Scrap Metal

Separate metal from other materials.

OK: aluminum door/window frames and lawn furniture. Now accepted at all County Transfer/Disposal Sites or take to a metal salvage company. 

Car/Truck/Boat Batteries

All lead-acid batteries are accepted free of charge at all Douglas County Transfer Stations.  This includes lead acid batteries used in some electronics

Everything Else

For a current list of what else in recyclable and where to take it, go to the following link:

Where To Recycle 

Roseburg Transfer Site
Off 1-5, exit 121 - just follow the signs and put materials directly into marked bins.
Hours of operation.

Douglas County Transfer Sites
Put items in bags or boxes (where appropriate) and place in recycling sheds or designated areas.
Hours of operation.
For the location nearest you call:  (541) 440-4268
or click here.

Local Recycling Centers

All the following location accept paper, tin, alumnimum, plastic and cardboard. They don't accept all materials, so phone before you go or check this chart.

Sunrise Enterprises  -  2 Sites
     Depot at end of Carnes Road   673-0195
     2nd depot at 2555 W. Harvard Ave., Roseburg, in front of Sunrise Emporium

Riverbend Park 
     Thompson Street, Winston   679-6114

Winchester Bay Marina 
     Located in the Marina
- accepts lead acid batteries and oil too.