Where to recycle RIGID PLASTICS
and how to prepare it in Douglas County, Oregon

Douglas County recyclers bend to China’s plastic policy

Carisa Cegavske, News Review article 12/15/13

What is rigid plastic?
Rigid plastic is any form of plastic other than film (bags and wrap) and Styrofoam.  Rigid Plastic can be formed into any shape and has many purposes.  In Douglas County, as of January 1, 2014, only plastic recycling #1 (PETE) and #2 (HDPE) are accepted until further notice. 

#1 PETE Plastics include:
Polyethylene terephthalate is one of the most common types of plastic and is commonly found in bottles of soda, juice, water and cough syrup and jars of peanut butter. The bottoms of these containers are usually stamped with the chasing arrows symbol and the number 1, the code for PET.

#2 HDPE Plastics include:
High-density polyethylene is used in shampoo and detergent bottles, milk jugs, cosmetics, toys and is considered one of the safer plastics. HDPE is often opaque or cloudy.

How do I recycle rigid plastic?
Rigid Plastic is easy to recycle.  Rinse and make sure it is clean. No oil or antifreeze containers accepted.

Where do I recycle my rigid plastic?
Rigid Plastic (labeled #1 or #2) is accepted all over the community of Douglas County.

  • ALL Douglas County Transfer Stations
  • Curbside
    • Roseburg Disposal (#1, #2 plastics)
    • Southern Oregon Sanitation (Reedsport, bottles only)
  • Community Depots
    • Winston (by Riverbend Park)
    • Sunrise Depot on W. Harvard
    • Sunrise Depot on Carnes Rd.

Rigid Plastic includes:

Jars and Jugs

ANY CLEAN PLASTIC labeled #1 or #2!

Please Rinse and Flatten
No Motor Oil or Food Contamination
No Styrofoam


Click the link below for a printable chart for your reference